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Real Technology & Innovation

  • Patented misting technology ‘flash evaporates’ the droplets of water, removing heat from the air, and reducing the temperature by up to 35° F (20° C);
  • High-pressure pumps, industrial motors, and premium, impeller-driven nozzles ensure total evaporation with no wetness;
  • Recent new products include the Safety Zone for the fire & emergency response markets, the Architectural Cooling Planter for the contracting market, and the Combat Zone unit for military use in the field.
  • System powerful enough to also suppress dust, control odour, and assist in combating smoke and ash.

Real Customer Commitment

  • Longest, firmest warranty in the industry
  • Many, many satisfied, repeat customers
  • Innovator of new products in the misting industry since pioneering the first cooling fans for NFL sidelines
  • Extensive experience in designing, engineering, and building special use systems for large projects
  • Cool Zone has a well-deserved reputation for customer support, service, and if needed, refurbishing
  • All of our equipment is fully tested in our own manufacturing facility prior to delivery and carries a full warranty against manufacturing defects